OnuKit | Features & Plugins
OnuKit | Features & Plugins
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Features & Plugins

Features & Plugins:

Web dashboard panel

Web panel with fully functioning dashboard along with SMS sending (single & bulk), Report generation and addon plugin activation. SMS and Call based Addon – Plugins

Regardless of which package you are in, you can purchase and add as many plugins as you may require, from the huge collection of our plugins.

API Service Pack

Choose from our fool proof collection of SMS API, call API payment collection API etc. If you are a developer who is building various services, this can be your best starting point.

Call Recording Solution


onuKit comes up with many catchy and innovative features or plugins that can fulfill your need of any origin of productivity from sms or call.


Features Lists:

  1. SMS Incoming
    1. User Panel to check Incoming sms.
    2. SMS Backup of your incoming SMS.
  2. SMS Outgoing
    1. Single SMS from web panel
    2. BULK SMS.
      1. Single SMS or
      2. SMS from Excel file
  3. Call Log & Recording


  1. SMS forwarding to customised HTTP address.
    1. From Web client can set it HTTP URL based on keywords.
    2. For Enterprise Edition Customized App will be developed if client wants to use the URL in local network/intranet.
  2. Inbuilt Apps/Features.
    1. SMS Backup.
    2. SMS to Email facilities.
    3. Auto Response
    4. MCQ Apps.
    5. Chain Quiz Apps.
    6. Voting Apps.
    7. Survey Apps.
    8. News SMS/Notification Service.
    9. bKash Notifier.
  3. API module to read and send sms from desktop.
    1. Rest API for Reading
    2. Rest API for Sending


In all Cases onuKitApps will be free to download.