OnuKit | About Us
OnuKit | About Us
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About Us

OnuKit is an App supported cloud based service platform to manage business and boost sales in SAAS Modality.

If anyone install the app in his/her mobile phone, can easily execute the activities of Lead Generation, Customer Care,  campaign & promotion and conduct business data collection etc from our cloud.

OnuKit is the product brand of Onutiative Ltd.

Module 1: Mobile App: onuKitApp
Module 2: Cloud/Web Platform: onuCloud
Module 3: Utility Plugins : onuPlugins

onuKitApp can be downloaded freely from google app store. After onuKitApp is installed, it’s needed to signup for the first time. Once it’s register the SMS incoming & outgoing communication is established. Hence the user can now use the SMS service from the cloud or form customized application.

An user can browse its web panel from user.onuKit.com using the login created/used while installing onuKit. client will be able to check its dashboard ie. sms inbox, outbox, Send SMS from excel or configure API, download SMS for backup and check different reports and analysis.

Client will be able to choose whether he wants to download the sms or forward the sms based on different criteria to different inbuilt plugins or to any extended/customized application.

Know More About onuKit

About onuKit:

W-Factors of onuKit:

Package Details

Personal {Dev} Package:

This elementary package is for personal users only. This package is designed specially for students who need SMS API to prepare prototype/semester projects. Hence this package is free to be used for 3 months only with limited sms count.

The user can upgrade his/her package anytime with relative subscription fees.

Professional Package:

This premium package allows onuKit to be used for commercial purposes.

Any organization/professional can create and provide service using onuKit. Users can also add plugins as per its requirement providing relative subscription fees.

The monthly subscription of this package is varried from 250tk to 5000tk depending on the usages.

More Details…

Enterprise Package:

This exclusive package is designed to support Enterprises with their customization need.

An Enterprise can use the hosted services of onuKit or can host the onusever system in it’s own environment. For superior performance, customized app, security encapsulation etc an organization can discuss/negotiate with onuKit team for implementation.

Contact: +8801762626999, [email protected]