OnuKit | Customer Care Solution in Pocket
OnuKit | Customer Care Solution in Pocket
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OnuKit is an App supported bycloud based service platform to manage business and boost sales in SAAS Modality.

If anyone install the app in his/her mobile phone, can easily execute the activities of Lead Generation, Customer Care,  campaign & promotion and conduct business data collection etc from our cloud.

OnuKit is the product brand of Onutiative Ltd.



OnuKit Ecosystem have the following platforms as module.

OnuKit App

Mobile App


Cloud/Web Platform


Utility Plugins

Why OnuKit is unique?

OnuKit Ecosystem has the following platforms as module.

Easy access anytime, anywhere

OnuKit is based on web service and mobile application. So, the user can access OnuKit easily anytime from anywhere.

Low cost as low as $0

The user can sign up from OnuKit.com and start using our service instantly for sending and receiving bulk SMS along with other services, At a very low cost starting from $0.

No programming knowledge required

We have done all the codings for you. If you know how to use a computer, using OnuKit is like peanuts for you.

User friendly reporting

Reports are view-able from the dashboard and you can also download raw data in excel format.

SMS Incoming Service

You can receive all your incoming SMS in website , Which is more like backup. For further usability you can install any of plugins.

Flexible Pricing & Packages

See Which Pricing Suits best for you

  • Personal
  • $0monthly
    • For students and developers
    • Bulk SMS outgoing & incoming
    • Call log history
    • Add on plugins
    • Easy and Instant

Best choice
  • $2monthly
    • Bulk SMS outgoing & incoming
    • Call log history
    • API pack (SMS, Call, Bkash)
    • 2 factor authentication
    • SMS auto reply

  • $*monthly
    • All basic functions
    • Full API pack
    • Premium Plugins
    • Sales automation
    • Customer Service Automation

Features & Plugins

OnuKit comes up with many catchy and innovative feature

Web dashboard panel

Web panel with fully functioning dashboard along with SMS sending (single & bulk), Report generation and addon plugin activation.

SMS and Call based Addon – Plugins

Regardless of which package you are in, you can purchase and add as many plugins as you may require, from the huge collection of our plugins.

API Service Pack

Choose from our fool proof collection of SMS API, call API payment collection API etc. If you are a developer who is building various services, this can be your best starting point.

Call Recording Solution

Call recording & playback is another interesting feature of onuKit . Not only this, now your recorded files will be instantly backed up in the cloud storage for future usage

OnuKit App Screenshots

See latest screenshots

Download OnuKit

Download the android version and start managing the business


User can use OnuKit SMS outgoing API . They can integrate this in his/her system & send SMS simultaneously from their number.

If you are a beginner in onuKit here is the step by step toutorial for using onuKit .

To discover more about onuKit  & it’s outstanding features you can always have a look to the presentation.

Knowledge Base

Dev Corner

Idea Corner

Case Study



Contact Us

We are here for you. Feel free to contact with us.

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Onutiative Ltd, Wakil Tower (8th Floor)
Ta-131 Gulshan – Badda Link Road, Gulshan
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/uDvJ18XQwZP2

Phone: +8801714890252, web: apps.onukit.com